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It is Top Management policy that measurable objectives shall be established within all functions of the company having an effect on the quality of products, services and customer satisfaction. These objectives are reviewed annually for on-going suitability in accordance with the changing needs of the company and its customers.

Management is committed to creating conditions which will allow these objectives to be positively pursued, and ensure that – as Managers and Staff – we all fully understand the requirements of our jobs, as well as provide a safe and healthy working environment that fosters teamwork.

We empower and involve our people so that they all play a part in making the organisation successful and all departments are involved in decision-making and the setting of business management objectives.

COENG Consulting and construction Engineers are totally committed to the achievement and maintenance of ISO 9001:2015 requirements as a means of continually endorsing its commitment to customer focus. We conducts regular reviews of our quality management system to verify its effectiveness and to ensure continual improvement.

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