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The following is a summary of the services that are available through COENG. These services can be tailored to suit the individual clients’ needs. The following pages provide typical summary detail of the individual services.


Full spectrum of engineering and design services are available to ensure successful completion of designs and specifications for multi-disciplinary projects. All designers and engineers are selected on the basis of industry (if not client) specific experience and know how. We continuously strive to produce the most accurate designs as soon as possible, to minimize costly changes and additions during later phases.


Procurement and contracting strategies are agreed with clients upfront to accommodate
commercial requirements. Action can be for and on behalf of clients (agent) or direct.

Procurement is performed in accordance with our Commercial Ethics Code, with every effort being made to secure goods and services at the best economic rate.


Our project management skills for small to medium sized projects are the best that the contracting industry has to offer. Project Managers are all tertiary qualified  engineers, having been disciplined trained in engineering contracting prior to assuming project management roles. Project management also encompasses the full range of project controls, i.e. costing, estimating and scheduling.


A critical success factor for projects is the seamless integration of engineering and procurement activities with that of the field
construction effort. We provide full management of all field construction disciplines, and facilitate timeous input from field disciplines to ensure full constructability.


Our company directors as well as senior engineering and design personnel are all trained and industry experienced engineers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds in the engineering contracting industry. We have in-house access to appropriate software and systems to ensure the most accurate designs and engineering specifications.

Of paramount importance is the maturity to accept that changes occur during the execution phases of a project. With this inevitable fact in mind we have a changed documentation and control system in place to ensure early impact notification and assessment of all valid changes.


We aspire to procure the most economical goods and services from client approved suppliers, both locally and internationally. A solid knowledge of the suppliers and personal contacts with their senior management enable us to make the most commercially advantaged recommendations to our clients. After orders have been placed and contracts awarded, we focus on intense purchase order and contract administration, minimizing delays and / or changes that could result in schedule slippages and claims.

  • Agreement of Approved Vendors

  • Agreement of Foreign Exchange Conditions

  • Implementation of a Procurement Document Tracking Log

  • Development of Enquiry Specific Commercial Documentation

  • Compilation of Commercial Terms & Conditions

  • Market Surveillance to Establish Capacities in Supplier’s Work

  • Finalize Client Confidentiality Issues

  • Agree Requirements for Guarantees, Letters of Credit

  • Arrange & Lead Site Meetings for Tenders

  • Issue, Receive & Control Enquiry Documentation

  • Perform Commercial Bid Assessments & Tabulate the Bid Summaries for Approval

  • Arrange & Lead Bid Clarification Meetings

  • Make Recommendation on Successful Bidder

  • Develop & Maintain a Commitment Register

  • Monitor & Control Supplier Communications & Drawing Transmittals

  • Co-ordinate Supplier Quality Surveillance, Inspection & Expediting

  • Report on Purchase Order & Contract Progress & Status

  • Review, Measure & Issue Purchase Order & Contract

  • Change Orders, as Required
    Commitment Register Status Reporting

  • Perform Close-Outs of all Purchase Orders & Contracts

  • Record, Control & Transfer Surplus Material if Applicable

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