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The approach to a project and the execution thereof depends on the business driver for that project. This may include cost (capital and operating) schedule, other factors or a combination thereof.


We are committed to establish an appropriate execution approach, in close co-operation with our clients, to ensure that the business objectives are being addressed.

We do this by structuring our approach along the following guidelines.


Every project is different. Different projects require different approaches to execution, although retaining the fundamentals of quality, safety, governance and control.


Our success is 100% dependant on the commitment and innovation of our highly skilled and experienced personnel, and to that of our strategic alliance partners. Every shareholder, director and employee has “been through the mill” and has realized that a commitment to innovation is the key to success for a SME like us.


We are a relatively small office, strengthened by our strategic alliance and close relationships with recognized service providers in the related fields. The one-size fits all approach is not part of our values and to further our belief  in innovation we commit to being flexible to our client’s business needs.


Each director in the organization is focused on a specific industry and responses to enquiries are handled on that level. The association brings a true one-stop-shop to clients, thereby minimizing efforts and cost associated with the appointment and management of numerous sub-contractors.


Strong and appropriate partnerships result in the best projects. Ongoing escalating cost enforce this simple truth. Professional and direct Field Service providers alike recognize that their ability to leverage their resources without undue capital investment is through suitable partnering approach to include our clients. Success is further enhanced by early and full co-operation between the client and the project team ensuring timeous transfer of knowledge and agreement of the scope of work.


COENG offers a full range of engineering, design, procurement, project and construction management services. Through our partnering approach we are able to draw upon the most appropriate expertise in mechanical, piping, civil, structural, electrical and instrumentation engineering and design resources. Our staff has been involved in the development and construction of processing plants across all sectors of the Chemical Processing industries.

The total project life-cycle is accommodated within the range of services we provide, from idea generation to beneficial operation, and with world-class experience in execution of all the phases of the project.

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